Robin is indeed an aspiration girl, stunning, sexy, modest and smart but i’ve found this lady as well sharing

Perona is so novel if we first spotted this lady, we couldn’t end considering the woman having an effective sec. The lady attention may be big and wierd but those people try the lady property. Her cuteness is different from Nami’s or Tashigi’s since hers are accompanied by sophistication and you may goth. This woman is Unique.

Perona was consumed in a rather different style throughout the typical, which have big bullet attention. This lady locks are light pink-colored and also long. This lady legs are usually viewed along with her foot leading inwards from inside the an excellent ‘pigeon-toed’ manner, regardless of if she in reality provides the health issue was not familiar.

The lady style is driven by ‘Gothic Lolita’ concept, that have black colored, light and you will scarlet. Perona’s common hair style enjoys they fastened in 2 highest pigtails that have somewhat rose-designed black and white hairpins, and she constantly wears a yellow crown which have a combination with the greatest. The woman tights shelter this lady entire feet and you may wears a micro-top and yellow buckled shoes to suit. She’s usually putting on red-colored lipstick and a dense layer out-of eyeliner. This woman is often viewed carrying to a reddish umbrella designed some including a lovely sort of a micro demon in advance of the lady competition having Usopp.

7. Nico RobinEdit

I’m sure that most of you is curious why Robin try only to your 7th score. I currently saw the latest depths out-of her beauty although some in addition to say she has nothing else giving. However, this lady laugh, their simple yet meaningful l a woman. Nico Robin is actually «maturely gorgeous» because Sanji claims.

Nico Robin are a taller, lean, yet sports woman with shoulder-length black hair. Regarding comic strip, her sight is actually blue that have dark, wider youngsters (brown attention throughout the manga, the newest tenth additionally the 12th film), and she has a long, narrow and you will defined nose. Regarding the comic strip, Robin’s pores and skin try somewhat deep instead of within the manga coloured artworks in which it’s mild. Robin and additionally is similar to their mom considerably, with the exception of her hair colour and style too while the that have quite black skin color than the girl. Robin’s branches are long, especially their ft, contributing considerably so you’re able to each other their attacking possibilities (given the nature out-of the woman powers) and total height, and you will like any ladies characters regarding collection, she has a thin waist. Most people think the girl becoming really attractive or beautiful, and she, also Nami, is actually a keen eyecandy to have other crewmember Sanji.

six. Nojiko

I recently lately edited this, I eliminated Vivi regarding listing once the I recalled Nojiko. Don’t believe away from me personally as indicate, Nojiko is truly very. Why does I did not comprehend it?

The lady right case and you may bust try greatly inked – a motion from sympathy and you can condolence to your Nami, who had been ashamed of their tattoo ofArlong’s jolly roger. Regarding manga, she in addition to regularly wear a bracelet and this she gave in order to Nami. This woman is always viewed sporting good beige sleeveless top (sometimes an eco-friendly key-upwards shirt which have reddish streak), bluish trousers and you can red sandals. Additionally, she seems to wear green lip polish.

Pursuing the timeskip, her locks has exploded lengthened, she wears lipstick, and you can she seems to have become thinner. Comparable to the lady brother, the girl hourglass enjoys have become even more obvious.

5. Nami Change

Believe that you have not spotted one piece yet and simply from the thinking about her picture, you will need to check if this woman is an adverse pet otherwise an enthusiastic innocent you to. Hard proper? It is because Nami posseses two types of charm: Cuteness and you can Hotness. She is and additionally a lady really worth fantasizing getting, wise, caring, aroused and pretty. Take away her greediness, the woman is their protector angel.

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